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Five Star Service

Some of our Satisfied Clients

Bonhams Auctions

Packed & moved several estates.

Heritage Auctions

Packed & moved several estates.

Shirley MacLaine

Packed, moved and stored Ms. MacLaine for several years.


Packed, moved and stored her. Relocated her out of state.

Jon Stewart, The Daily Show

Moved Jon several times, over several years.

Joy Picus, LA City Council

Packing and moving estates

George Lopez

Moved and stored his residence locally.

Charlie Sheen

Moved and stored his residence locally.


Moved his residence several times.


Moved and stored him for several years. Handled his estate.

Juliette Lewis

Moved and stored her residence.

Jane Lynch

Provided moving and storage services.

Steven Segal

Packed, moved and stored his residence numerous times.

Johnny Depp

Provided storage for several years


Britany Spears

Provided storage for several years.

Jason Lee

Moved and stored his residence for several years.

Giovanni Ribisi

Moved his residence several times.


Review from Dawn B. 

I've never seen a team of guys work so fast or so hard and gently handle all your precious objects. Edwin, Sergio, Luis and Ivan are out of this world. These guys are hard workers and get everything done quickly and efficiently...

Review from Kelly G.

Carole and Jan's is the BEST moving company you could ever find!  They are fast, friendly and fair. Lilia and her team provided quality service for packing, storing and delivering my things. They were quick and conscientious during the packing process.


Review from John S.

I highly recommend Carole & Jans for your move. Wayne came to do the estimate which was considerably less than another local mover. The estimate was guaranteed to not be exceeded and in fact we paid about a $100 dollars less than the estimate. We did full pack and unpack and a team of 6 guys came out and could not have been nicer or more professional . It was one of the best experiences with a company I have ever had. 

Review from Brie S.

I had Carole and Jans move everything out of a 2200 square foot duplex into two separate locations, a house and an apartment on opposite sides of town.The movers were friendly and professional & they finished the entire job, both locations, by mid afternoon.

Oh the little things though!!! Such as going into my bedroom and seeing that my TV remote and phone charger had been placed on my nightstand exactly where I had inadvertently left them in my previous bedroom prior to the move. Not just tossed in some box for me to search endlessly for.

Then, when I went to bed, my massive vintage mid century king sized bad frame suddenly was NOT squeaking every time I got in and out of it like it had since I got it delivered 2 years prior. Not only had the movers dismantled it without damaging it, but when they put it back together they actually put it together correctly with no more squeaking..

Nothing broken, all art was moved with care and no damage.

I was giving a fair quote and I wasn't given any last minute added charges. Totally happy with my experience.

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